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Benefits of ultrasonic technology

Faster, safer, cleaner, greener, more efficient, more precise, more transparent, … the list goes on and on. Ultrasonic technology is finding widespread adoption in many industries. No wonder, since it offers almost unparalleled versatility coupled with maximum precision and transparency in the welding process.

Ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency acoustic vibrations to produce energy that effortlessly melts thermoplastic materials. A durable bond is formed in just the time it takes for the joining parts to cool.

In contrast to other methods, the ultrasonic process – whether welding, cutting, punching, sealing or cut-and-seal – does no damage to the product itself.

Further benefits at a glance:

  • Very short process times
  • Cold welding tools cause little to no thermal degradation of the component
  • Low energy consumption during welding and therefore high efficiency
  • No solvents or other additives necessary (pure recycling material)
  • A wide range of welding parameters ensures constant, reproducible welding results
  • Different thermoplastic materials can be welded together
  • The welding tools do not heat up, which eliminates heating and cooling times and allows the tools to be changed quickly
  • No risk of injury from hot machine parts
  • Short cooling times due to targeted, point-by-point melt formation