Ultrasonic welding with suitable MS products


MS soniCOM Ultrasonic

The basis for compatibility and excellence

Generators and converters, amplitude boosters and sonotrodes, feeding units, and ultrasonic hand welding equipment: All MS special machines and systems for ultrasonic processing are based on these high-quality individual components, developed and manufactured by the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group itself. [...]


MS soniSYS Ultrasonic

Intermittent or continuous

The packaging industry, medical technology, and the textile industry: Innovative systems for cutting, sealing, punching and slitting ultrasonically come from MS - whether for film, paper, fabrics, or nonwovens with thermoplastic content. [...]

Worldwide innovation!


Productivity is ready for series production

In October, the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group is completing its product portfolio in the ultrasonic technology area with powerful yet compact ultrasonic servo presses. The four models Opus, Nexus, Fusion and Genesis impress with numerous smart details. One example is the servo drive including force and speed regulation. [...]


MS soniMAC Ultrasonic
special machines

Tailored solution diversity

SINGLE, SINGLE-FLEX, MULTI AND MULTI-FLEX: The MS-range of ultrasonic special machines for the automotive industry includes systems for the most diverse applications and industries: from the entry-level model with a processing station to the all-rounder with several processing steps. Leading OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry all rely on MS – for many good reasons! [...]

Ultrasonic welding and much more –
the big picture in the MS soniWORLD

The whole is often more than the sum of its parts. For the methods of ultrasonic punching, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting and ultrasonic sealing, the MS soniWORLD unites the full expertise of the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group. This world is literally global - whether in terms of production sites, customer spectrum, or of thinking. And this world is full of life, because the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group is more than a technology service provider – it lives and breathes ultrasonic technology.

The modular approach of the product spectrum thus has to be understood as evolutionary: MS soniCOM ultrasonic components become MS soniSYS ultrasonic systems, which in turn are combined into MS soniMAC ultrasonic special machines - step by step. With flawless coordination and perfect compatibility. Moreover, MS Ultrasonic Technology Group offers ultrasonic servo presses, named MS soniTOP.

Specializing in efficient ultrasonic technology while retaining limitless scope – this demonstrates the performance capabilities of the MS soniWORLD. They range from ultrasonic technology and application technology to concepts, service and training. Lessons learned flow directly into the next project.

MS soniSHOW: presentation and training

In the MS soniSHOW you get a detailed insight into the possibilities of ultra-modern ultrasonic technologies, e.g. ultrasonic welding. You can experience soniMAC ultrasonic special equipment, soniSYS ultrasonic systems and soniCOM ultrasonic components live, at application demonstrations. In addition, training courses are held in the MS soniSHOW.

MS soniVERSUM: the ultrasonic center of excellence

The future of ultrasonic technology is also being shaped in the MS soniVERSUM. Inside a well-equipped laboratory, experienced professionals work on detailed feasibility studies and test series for the applications of today and tomorrow - both in the context of their own research as well as by customer order. Not least, the MS soniVERSUM provides sound consulting from ultrasonic experts and application engineers.

Ultrasonic welding and pure innovations –
the MS soniWORLD ultrasonic technology

  • Own development and construction of ultrasonic components: generators, converters, amplitude boosters, sonotrodes
  • Comprehensive expertise in ultrasound generation
  • Simulations and analyses in the field of sound optimization
  • Sonotrode design and amplitude optimization with FEM analysis
  • Constant development of own ultrasonic technology and expansion of power spectrum
  • Consulting on innovative potential applications for ultrasound in the plastics sector
  • Training courses in the basics of ultrasonic technology and ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding and the optimal use –
the MS soniWORLD application technology

  • Expert advice from ultrasonic experts and application engineers
    • Component design with seam design
    • Process consulting and optimization
    • Selection of the appropriate welding process
    • Validation
  • Experiments and feasibility studies
  • Application demonstrations concerning ultrasonic welding
  • Thorough quality testing using multiple gauges and test equipment
  • Detailed application tests
  • Training courses, also at the customer

Ultrasonic welding and a sound basis –
modular and flexible concepts

  • Innovative concepts with customized design for ultrasonic welding and other methods
  • High problem-solving and implementation skills
  • Use of latest technologies and concepts, e.g. drive technologies, control systems, etc.
  • Market-oriented implementation of customer requirements and specifications
  • Development from a single source: From analysis to the machine concept, with subsequent process safeguarding
  • Process know-how: Machine processes, control concepts and simulations are all designed to optimize processes and cycle times
  • FEM analysis and design of complex sonotrodes for accurate and targeted amplitude distribution
  • Close-to-production development and construction
  • Integration of machines of the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group into customized process and logistics concepts

Ultrasonic welding and perfecgt care –
the MS soniWORLD service

Service at the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group is especially appreciated for worldwide support, fast response times and competent specialists concerning ultrasonic welding and other ultrasonic methods.

Service modules

  • Fast and reliable delivery of spare parts
  • Fast and smooth service calls
  • Competent and preventive maintenance
  • Remote service
  • Repair
  • Expert training, also at the customer
  • Machine conversion and equipment changes
  • Retrofits and upgrades

Service benefits

  • Guarantee of operational reliability for high plant availability during ultrasonic welding
  • Maximization of production performance to optimize yield and quality
  • Reduction in downtime and downtime costs based preventive maintenance, i.e. early detection of defective parts
  • Longer plant life

Service-Hotline: +49 (0) 7424 701-500
Sevice Email: service@ms-ultrasonic.com