From basic components to systems and the most innovative servo presses for turnkey special-purpose machines - for a whole range of industries

Every industry has its own demands – every product has its particularities. We know the specific requirements and always have the right solution on hand. Our ultrasonic process innovations, such as ultrasonic welding or cut-and-seal, serve a wide variety of industries.


MS Ultrasonic Technology Group components, systems, servo presses and special-purpose machines for ultrasonic welding and other ultrasonic processes such as cutting, sealing, punching and cut-and-seal are specially designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding industries.

While the automotive industry is concerned with the welding of thermoplastics or the mechanical processing of high-quality assemblies, the packaging industry relies on our ultrasonic welding systems to produce a great variety of individual packaging solutions.

Systems designed for the textile industry offer innovative solutions for sealing, separating and edge fiber welding of fabrics and nonwovens. As modular solutions, they can be simply and precisely integrated into new systems or existing concepts.

In medical technology, attributes such as maximum precision, top component quality and traceability are paramount.

Ultrasonic methods are used in the consumer goods industry for numerous applications. These include the eco-friendly joining of plastic products without adhesives or solvents.

Electrical components are joined to each other or to other materials using ultrasonic technology – durably, reliably and above all without endangering the sensitive electronics.

Ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic sealing, ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic cut-and-seal and ultrasonic punching: we have durable components, process-reliable systems, the most innovative servo presses and special-purpose machines for your specific needs.