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Packaging Industry and Food

When it comes to packaging for manufacturing, the focus is on cost-effectiveness and safety. Hygiene and product protection are especially crucial for grocery packaging such as tea bags, coffee pods, tubes and beverage cartons. However, it is equally important to ensure maximum precision, high cycle rates and minimum downtimes in the production process.

Our MS sonxSYS ultrasonic systems meet all these requirements: perfectly tight seals even in case of product residue/contamination in the seam area for long-lasting, well protected products. Packaging materials and laminates with a thermoplastic sealing layer can also be easily joined or connected with spouts or valves. Even in the presence of product residues, MS sonxSYS ultrasonic systems seal safely, quickly and with consistently high quality.

Unsere Ultraschall-Systeme für verschiedene Anwendungslösungen, die sich einfach, modular und passgenau in neue Anlagen oder in bestehende Konzepte integrieren lassen.

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