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Textile Industry

Our MS sonxTOP servo presses – available as table top, column mounted or inline versions – offer innovative application solutions for sealing, cutting, cut-and-seal and edge fiber welding of fabrics and nonwovens. As modular solutions, they can be simply and precisely integrated into new systems or existing concepts. With their innovative ultrasonic technology, our servo presses cover an almost endless range of applications in the textile industry. They are equally suitable for filter fabrics, canvas, awnings, velcro fasteners, absorbers, membranes and hygiene articles.

In addition, MS has been on the market with the nonwovens segment since autumn 2021 and is thus responding to the versatile customer request to also serve this segment. Hygiene products such as nappies for adults, but also other products from the hygienic and medical sector are increasing. More and more projects involving the use of nonwovens from other industries such as automotive, agriculture, food and beverage, household, geotextiles, construction and others are being requested.

Our MS sonxSYS COMBINE ultrasonic systems precisely meet the requirements in the field of continuous welding and have been developed for nonwoven-specific applications.

Our ultrasonic systems for various application solutions that can be integrated easily, modularly and precisely into new systems or existing concepts.

Generators and converters, amplitude transformers and sonotrodes, feed units and ultrasonic hand welders.

Our latest generation of ultrasonic series machines with the preciSer© servo drive, which we developed, patented and pioneered ourselves, for unique precision and maximum machine productivity.

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