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Ultrasonic amplitude boosters MS sonxAMP

MS sonxAMP ultrasonic amplitude boosters are fitted between the converter and the sonotrode. The precisely controlled resonance compensation allows amplitudes to be precisely matched to requirements. By changing the amplitudes, sonotrodes can be adapted to various welding applications with different geometries. To this end, the amplitude is increased or reduced by a certain transmission ratio. Alternatively, the booster can be used as an extension with a ratio of 1:1.



  • Numerous transmission ratio options to boost or reduce the amplitude as required by the application
  • Precise control of amplitude minimizes wear on systems
  • Economical solution for bridging larger traverse paths


  • Frequencies: 40 kHz, 35 kHz, 30 kHz, 20 kHz
  • Amplitude boost or reduction: 1:0.5 – 1:3
  • Available with or without retainer ring
  • Customized special ratios possible