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Ultrasonic sonotrodes MS sonxSON

With their detailed part design, FEM calculation, careful selection of materials, precision manufacturing and precise coordination, MS sonxSON sonotrodes deliver the highest quality. The MS Ultrasonic Technology Group offers a complete range of sonotrodes that are tailored, calculated, manufactured and tuned to suit the respective component.



  • Sonotrodes tuned to frequency and amplitude
  • Sonotrode geometries and anvil versions to suit any application
  • Long service life thanks to individual selection of the sonotrode material to suit the respective plastic
  • Optimal welding results due to precise resonance behavior of the sonotrodes
  • Long service life due to FEM calculation of the optimum resonance behavior
  • Stable process with low thermal expansion thanks to innovative receptor design


  • Frequencies: 40 kHz, 35 kHz, 30 kHz, 20 kHz
  • Materials: titanium, steel, aluminum, various coatings
  • MS sonxAMP amplitude boosters available in many variants