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The requirements placed on product packaging are constantly changing and increasing. High-quality packaging must be both functional and visually flawless. At the same time, food packaging in particular must be hygienic and stable in form – to name just a few crucial properties of packaging in the food industry. The challenge for the manufacturer is to produce such packaging economically and efficiently while maintaining the flexibility to adapt.

Our MS sonxSYS ultrasonic systems fulfil exactly these requirements. They have been developed as modular solutions for packaging-specific applications that can be easily and precisely integrated into new systems or existing concepts.

Comprised of our “Made by MS Ultrasonic Technology Group” MS sonxCOM components, our MS sonxSYS ultrasonic systems combine outstanding product features, the expertise of our development engineers and our extensive experience in the packaging industry. All these elements combine to produce reliable and economical systems for sealing, welding, punching, slitting and edge fiber welding.



The benefits of the ultrasonic welding process and the properties of our MS sonxSYS ultrasonic systems at a glance:

  • Sealed packaging
  • Reduced reject rates
  • Sealing even with contamination
  • Increased productivity due to short sealing times, high process speeds
  • Process reliability through traceability and quality assurance based on physical metrics
  • Low energy consumption (approx. 80% lower than thermal sealing)
  • Product-friendly processing using cold tools
  • Instant availability upon start-up; immediate access upon stop
  • Saves packaging materials thanks to slimmer seams and headspace savings
  • Problem-free sealing even with new film laminates (mono-multilayer) in accordance with the 2019 Packaging Regulations
  • Compact system size
  • Robust systems with a long service life
  • Quick and simple integration into existing or new systems
  • Proven technology and comprehensive expertise in the areas of series machines and automation
  • Configured to fit the specific application
  • Straightforward, user-friendly operation
  • Ultrasonic components “Made by MS Ultrasonic Technology”


We offer the following application-specific ultrasonic systems