MS sonxTOP Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines

Ultrasonic plastic welding is a method of joining two pieces of thermoplastic together seamlessly using high frequencies. An ultrasonic plastic welding machine converts high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical energy to fuse parts without changing their state from solid to liquid. Since no melting occurs, the joints created are so strong and seamless that they even rival the material characteristics of injection molding. In addition, ultrasonic technology is used to make clean and precise cuts through many types of materials.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machines are used throughout nearly every industry, including automotive, food and beverage, medical, aerospace, electrical, and more. This technology is used to process and join films, textiles, and thermoplastics, or even cut foods. At MS Ultrasonic Technology Group, we offer a range of custom and standard ultrasonic plastic welding machines, including the MS sonxTOP series. Our machines provide versatile solutions for many applications, including consumer goods, medical technology, automotive, and more.

MS sonxTOP series machine

MS sonxTOP ultrasonic plastic welding machines are able to comply with even the smallest tolerances and produce repeatable, high-quality results for welding paths and processes. Our technology provides unrivaled positioning accuracy that greatly reduces reject costs. We developed this technology based on a universally applicable drive concept to ensure a maximum range of uses throughout industry-diverse applications.

It’s also possible to network multiple ultrasonic servo processes and operate them centrally from a single controller. Since there are no manual machine adjustments, making changes between jobs is fast and effortless. Simply recall an established program and begin production. It’s fast and simple to change workpiece carriers and resonant units, and since no additional tools are required, downtime is significantly reduced.

Our products

Our MS sonxTOP welding machines are available in three versions as table top, column and inline machine. Other options are also available, such as with an XY sliding table, with a rotary indexing table or as a MULTI, a combination of standard and custom machine.


The further developed top model
for force ranges up to 9,000 N


The top model with
MS paralliCer©-Technology


Basic version of the GENESIS,
powerful and reliable


The standard model with many options
and a good price-performance ratio


The innovative entry into the world of
of MS ultrasonic series machines


Combination of the MS sonxTOP
and the MS sonxMAC


Punching & sealing of membranes
in one process step

MS sonxTOP

Enables the editing of
applications with a large
number of spot welds.

MS sonxTOP

Enables reduced process times
and therefore greater efficiency

Add-ons and accessoires

With our supplementary components and accessories such as soundproof cabins, ergonomic work tables and many other accessories, you can further optimize the use of your MS sonxTOP series machine.

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