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We are pleased to present the new MS sonxTOP MULTI. With features of the innovative, high-precision production MS sonxTOP machines and the proven, reliable custom machines MS sonxMAC, you are sure to have the best of both worlds.

The standardized machine concept enables you to develop more complex and larger components via a modular workroom design to manufacture it. Challenging applications can be precisely implemented here. A profitable and sustainable investment with high efficiency potential.


Small to medium-sized components with e.g. round and longitudinal ridoms, surface welding, spot welding. Examples include:

  • A/B/C column fairings passenger cars
  • Interior decor elements cars
  • Loudspeaker cars
  • Welding of electronic components

MS sonxTOP MULTI parallel
Injection molded parts with large weld length and component size that have exceeded the physical limit of the maximum sonotrode size and power limits. This is based on a system welding performance of up to 12,000 watts. Examples include:

  • Washing machine and dryer panels with touch display
  • Large to oversized showers
  • Sanitary containers (e.g. small lifting systems, pump housings, flushing boxes)


  • Individual design of the workroom with proven ultrasonic welding units in the frequency classes from 20 kHz to 40 kHz
  • Highest strength values for the welding result thanks to a precise servo drive
  • Standardized, intuitive control technology with the MS Sequence function makes it possible to perform a machine function in the shortest time and without programming knowledge via the HMI
  • Through standardization, we guarantee you significantly shorter delivery times up to 50% (12–16 weeks)
  • Cost-attractive alternative to our proven custom machines
  • Increased longevity due to end-to-end standardization
  • The workroom of up to W x D: 600 x 300 mm offers you a lot of space to process your products
  • Unbeatable energy efficiency thanks to integrated servo drive technology
  • You invest in intelligent and seamless connectivity fo